Our story

We, at Scherkow Company, know that perfection should not be changed.
We know what kind of land our ancestors have left to us, and we know what kind of apples we pick.
From our apples we get the highest quality 100% natural juice of a unique flavor, aroma, and color.
The same flavor and aroma that you will feel with every sip of our fresh apple juice.
We do not add sugar, water, preservatives, or artificial colors to our juice.
Apples in our orchards grow from deep sandy soil of the Subotica-Horgoš sands.
With plenty of sunshine and water, the fruits here achieve unbelievable beauty which is only surpassed by their taste.
The fruit-cultivating tradition in northern Bačka exists thanks to the quality of the fruits grown here. Scherkow juices are made exclusively from the 900 hectares of our apple orchards in Tavankut and the surrounding villages.
We get our juices from freshly sqeezed healthy and carefully picked “Granny Smith” apples. We pasteurize them at temperatures between 78 and 80 degrees Celsius, and bottle them in glass bottles.
Every lid of Scherkow apple juice lovingly guards the entrance to the treasury of magical flavors.
We proudly claim that you have never tasted apple juice such as ours.